Terence McKenna - Boundaries

Terence Mckenna giving a short talk about psychedelics boundary dissolution. Who should set the boundaries?

Hallucinogens and Culture - Terence McKenna

Hallucinogens in our food systems and how they have affected culture over time. A tv interview with Terence McKenna.

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Prague Gnosis - Terence McKenna

Terence McKenna in dialogue with some of the foremost thinkers of the Global Consciousness movement today. Footage was shot on location in Prague, Czechoslovakia during the International Transpersonal Conference in June 1992. Terence engages in mind expanding conversations with Ram Dass, Angeles Arrien, Kenneth Ring, Rupert Sheldrake, Jill Purce, David White and Alexander Shulgin

Part 2-Click Here

Metamorphosis-Terence Mckenna & friends

Metamorphosis. A Trialogue on Chaos and the World Soul. Terence Mckenna, Rupert Sheldrake and Ralph Abraham

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